Ode to A Spirit

The passion of your heart, burning desire When escaped from dreams, through smoke may travel To strengthen a fading, faltering fire When fulfilment seems near, harsh winds ravel Clear is the site, soft do the embers glow Upon blank starless nights, away from warmth Forgone souls wander, forever shallow Memories they keep, future promise haunt … Continue reading Ode to A Spirit

Goodbye Little Peanut

Goodbye little peanut,  you made your mum eat ginger cakeShe was so hungry she ate it hot,  but you were too busy for a full bakeGoodbye little peanut,  your big brother was going to share his roomWe took out the boxes and cleared some space, we thought you would see it sometime soonGoodbye little peanut,  this … Continue reading Goodbye Little Peanut


The passion of your heart, and a burning desire Through smoke may travel, to strengthen a faltering fire Yet a harsh wind will blow Clearing the sight, while softening the calling embers glow So upon starless nights, away from a warmth by many foregone Can be seem empty souls, wandering a path forever long