Hello, my name is Joey. This Blog is a collection of stories recounting my travels with Depression, Anxiety and Adjustment Disorder – literally. I hope it helps you escape for just a moment, and to know that there is a life worth living even when you’re not OK.

I hope reading the accounts of my travels will make you laugh, and make you think. I hope you will be inspired. I hope that the magic of words can transport you, for a little while, into the crazy beautiful adventures that have helped me cope with life.

It feels especially important to share these stories at the moment, when many of us can’t travel. When many of us who suffer with maintaining good mental health will be struggling to maintain good mental health.

Come, run away with me…

Epilogue : Breathe

   I sit in my living room. The one I thought I would lose, in the house where I never belonged. I am still.   It’s cold and I should probably put the heating on. On the wall to my left are pictures of our wedding day. My little boy is sat just in front of … Continue reading Epilogue : Breathe

Ode to A Spirit

The passion of your heart, burning desire When escaped from dreams, through smoke may travel To strengthen a fading, faltering fire When fulfilment seems near, harsh winds ravel Clear is the site, soft do the embers glow Upon blank starless nights, away from warmth Forgone souls wander, forever shallow Memories they keep, future promise haunt … Continue reading Ode to A Spirit

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